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VOXX International and Hirschmann Car Communication have joined forces as VOXXHirschmann Corporation to take the provision of premium OE audio and entertainment technology to a new and uniquely comprehensive level. Now more than ever, VOXXHirschmann is equipped and empowered to extend quality, value, and versatility across the entire global automotive supply chain-direct -from factory to showroom floor. Certified to deliver exceptionally dependable solutions and support for Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 operations, VOXXHirschmann designs, manufactures, custom installs "best-in-class" OE audio, entertainment and convenience solution for the makers of the world's most desired vehicles.

About Voxx Hirshmann

One-Source OEM Supplier

The advantage of having the seamlessly integrated full-spectrum resources and quality management infrastructure of VOXXHirschmann at your disposal is our ability to create and personalize OE products and programs of unprecedented freedom and flexibility. Meaning, the luxury automotive OEM can expect highly specialised audio and entertainment support at every key point of provision-from the production line, to the ports and mod centers, straight through to the dealership site. One company. One resource. Unlimited solutions.

Open Source OEM Supplier

A Global Footprint

Our worldwide sales, design, and manufacturing facilities stretch across the globe, operating strategic footholds throughout North and South America, Europe, and Asia. Over 200 engineers globally and more than 200 employees worldwide, enable VOXXHirschmann to deliver premium multimedia electronics, mobile lifestyle innovations, security and convenience solutions, and more! It champions the prestige and performance reputation of your storied vehicle brands. Count on VOXXHirschmann to be your proven OE partner.

A Global Footprint
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